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Day 16/31 Five Minute Free Writes: Pray

Day 16 Quiet your mind, Child. Sit in my lap and look up at my face. I want to look in your eyes and see myself For I created you. I know how many hairs are on your head- and how many you had… Continue Reading “Day 16/31 Five Minute Free Writes: Pray”

Day 15/31 Five Minute Free Writes: When

Day 15 There are some days when I find myself watching the clock.  That long hand seems to drag like a spoon through pudding.  “When will Daddy come home?” I ask myself on the particularly long days of carrying around a medicine ball in… Continue Reading “Day 15/31 Five Minute Free Writes: When”

Day 14/31 Five Minute Free Writes: Ask

Day 14 My little two-year-old has become quite independent.  She now sleeps in a big girl bed, after a few months ago, she tried to climb out of her crib and crashed onto the floor.  Ever since then, “nap time” in the afternoons have… Continue Reading “Day 14/31 Five Minute Free Writes: Ask”

Day 13/31 Five Minute Free Writes: Talk

Day 13 My oldest daughter just turned two in early June.  She had been talking for about a year even prior to that.  Everywhere I take her, whether it be to her classroom at church or the YMCA or even to the grocery store,… Continue Reading “Day 13/31 Five Minute Free Writes: Talk”

Day 10/31 Five Minute Free Writes: How

Day 10 I decided last minute that I was going to take a flow yoga class today at the gym.  I hadn’t planned to go to any class today, I was just excited that I managed to get both girls fed and in the… Continue Reading “Day 10/31 Five Minute Free Writes: How”

Day 9/31 Five Minute Free Writes: Inspire

Day 9 I just finished reading a fantastic marriage book by Dr. Emerson Eggerich titled Love and Respect.  The main message he was getting across is that as women, our deepest need is love.  The deepest need of a man is respect.  With our… Continue Reading “Day 9/31 Five Minute Free Writes: Inspire”

Day 4/31 Five Minute Free Writes: Why

Day 4 As a mother of a six-month-old and a two-year-old, I find myself asking “Why” a lot more than before I had kids.  Or maybe my questions to my two-year-old just sound so ridiculous, I feel like I’m asking “why” more often. Why… Continue Reading “Day 4/31 Five Minute Free Writes: Why”

Day 3/31 Five Minute Free Writes: Believe

Day 3 As a mother of two babies, I can scratch the surface of understanding how God feels about me.  When I look at my precious girls, I look at their big blue eyes, long eyelashes, ginger curls, dimpled fingers, chubby thighs, knee rolls,… Continue Reading “Day 3/31 Five Minute Free Writes: Believe”

Day 1/31 Five Minute Free Writes: Story

Day 1 I always have thought that God has a sense of humor, and that He allows funny things to happen to people who can tell great stories.  When I meet people I want to know their story.  I want to know where they’re… Continue Reading “Day 1/31 Five Minute Free Writes: Story”

Five Minute Friday: Storm Crowd

Today, I’m writing with the Five Minute Friday community writing group, and this week’s word is CROWD.  If you’d like to join in (or just to read other great bloggers’ work), the linkup is here. Last week, the meteorologists predicted a beast of a hurricane… Continue Reading “Five Minute Friday: Storm Crowd”