Five Minute Friday: Life on REPEAT

This week, I’m joining the Five Minute Friday writing community in writing on the word Repeat, for five minutes flat.  Click here to read other great writers, and/or to join us!

Having two little ones under 2.5 years old requires a routine.  Wake up, feed baby, put her back to sleep, sneak in a few more minutes of sleep, then go downstairs to make coffee and oatmeal, get toddler out of her room, eat breakfast.  My morning would be a blur and all of a sudden, it would be lunchtime and then naps, then I’d make dinner while both girls slept.  Then they’d wake up, my husband would come home from work, we’d all eat dinner, then the bedtime routine for the girls, then my husband and I would relax and watch tv until bedtime for us.  With this schedule on repeat five days a week (or more if my husband was on call over the weekend), I was dragging.  I was giving and going nonstop with nothing filling me.  Until two Sundays ago.  We were at church and our pastor and his wife invited us to join them on their 21 day fast.  As a nursing mama, skipping out on food that long is not even a consideration.  So I wondered what else I could give up.  And then I realized that instead of sneaking in those extra minutes of sleep, I could read my Bible and journal.  What a huge difference that has made in my whole countenance!  I’m not on autopilot anymore.  Starting the day off with my Creator and reading truth into my soul has filled me with such joy and peace that I find my days fun and exciting.  No longer drudgery or boring routine.  Every outing or even playtime at home is an opportunity for me to share Jesus with my girls and with whoever we meet.

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