Day 28/31 Five Minute Free Writes: Song

Day 28

When we put our two-year-old to bed at night, it’s always the same routine.  Brush teeth, sit on the rocking chair in Daddy’s lap, Momma sits on the rocking footstool with Baby Sister, we all read a book together, say a prayer, then sing songs before getting tucked in.  Usually for the singing part of the night, I pass the baby over to Daddy, and I hold the two-year-old while we sing.  Daddy and Baby sister stay for one song, then I continue holding my oldest for another song or two, depending on how many she can coax out of me.  Twinkle Twinkle, Row Row Row Your Boat, This Little Light of Mine, You are My Sunshine, I’ve Been Working on the Railroad, Frere Jacques, Amazing Grace, Jesus Loves Me, and Jesus Loves the Little Children are our staples.  Then, other songs I grew up singing in church will pop into my head and I’ll sing those too.  Her laughing eyes look at me, and she asks, “Where did that song come from?”  I’ll usually answer her, “From my head, Mademoiselle,” then kiss her goodnight.



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