Day 22/31 Five Minute Free Writes: Help

Day 22

During Hurricane Matthew, we had my sister’s two daughters for nearly two weeks.  My sister had to work at the hospital on lockdown, so she wanted to be sure her girls would be safe away from the storm.  I loved having them.  How wonderful it was to have two extra sets of hands with my two little girls.  While I was feeding my baby and putting her to bed, my nieces would change and take care of my two-year-old.  My oldest niece loves to help in the kitchen, so it was wonderful having someone make dessert while I made dinner, or to chop, or to measure.  I was so spoiled having their help.  When finally the flooding receded, my nieces were able to go back home, it was like I was missing limbs.  Who do I get up first?  How do I get them both down for naps when they’re melting down?  Oh yes, reality.  Hi there.



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