Day 21/31 Five Minute Free Writes: Start

Day 21

Have you ever had a dream? Something you deep down wanted to do, if money and time were limitless?  The older I get, the more I realize that those seeds God planted inside you are meant to grow and meant to bloom.  Don’t let what others are doing dissuade you from your purpose.  If you have always wanted to open a bakery, but felt discouraged by the bakeries open around you, it’s not that they necessarily bake better than you.  It’s just that they actually did the work.  Most of us have phenomenal dreams and ideas, but aren’t that stellar about following through to the end.  Distractions abound.  One of the worst enemies is ourselves.  Put your cell phone down and stop scrolling through those Facebook posts.  Stop oogling over Pinterest and HGTV.  Start your own dream.  Do something about it.

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