I was reading Romans 15, and was struck particularly by verse 14. In summary it reads;

You have accepted Jesus as your Savior. You have the Holy Spirit living inside you. You have everything, all the tools necessary to teach and minister to others. Stop making excuses!

Moses stuttered

Peter denied Jesus three times

Jonah ran away from his calling

Abraham tried to fulfill God’s promise by himself

David had an affair and then had her husband killed

Jacob deceived his father and swindled his brother

Rahab was a prostitute

Ruth was a widow and an outsider

Yet God used all of these human failures to fulfill his purposes and grow His family and His Kingdom.

He can take what I have and turn it into a beautiful and miraculous story, if I just lift up my hands to Him and surrender.

5 Comments on “All I HAVE

  1. All I have is what I was,
    but it’s not what I will be.
    I am confident because
    God’s taken hold of me,
    and kinda turned me inside out,
    upsidedown and front to back,
    but I really don’t need to pout,
    ’cause I need not keep track
    of the changes He has made;
    I’ll leave all that in His hands,
    and as for those old cards I played,
    I know He understands
    that a once and present fool
    can one day be a useful tool.


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