Encounter at the Cross

I wanted this Easter to be more than Easter bunnies, decorating eggs, and honey-baked ham. I really wanted to connect emotionally to how Jesus felt during this week of his life on earth. I’ve poured over each Gospel’s story of Passover through the resurrection. As I prayed today, I could almost see Jesus in front of me. I could see his eyes, and feel the depth of his love and forgiveness. I pray that this helps you see Him too.

Looking down at my shuffling feet in the dirt
bearing the shame of my own guilt
I stop at a fresh mound in front of me.
Looking up, I see Jesus, bloody and beaten, 
nailed to a splintered cross.
He looks me in the eyes,
liquid love meeting mine.
"Forgive her, Lord.  She doesn't know what she's doing," he prays,
Never taking his eyes off me.
I drop to my knees, 
dropping everything I own and all I have been carrying
scattered at His feet.
Tears pour from my eyes as I ask forgiveness for nailing Him there.
"It is finished," I hear him say.
All is quiet.
Then, Jesus simply says my name.
I look up, and there He is.
The cross is gone and Jesus is standing in front of me, 
wearing blazing white 
the holes in his hands and feet still visible.  
He smiles, opening his arms wide
just as they were as He hung on the cross
and says,
"You are forgiven, for all of it."

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