Redeeming Grief

I found out recently that a friend from my past has died. I last saw my friend in Denver over 8 years ago. He wanted to come visit and ski, so he and I and a handful of my friends all met together and had a great day in the mountains. It was a fun visit, and since that time, we had kept in touch only on Facebook. On Sunday morning, I had seen my friend’s alarmingly angry and bitter post about his earthly, biological father and I felt God’s spirit urgently prompt me to send my friend a text message. I felt that God wanted me to assure him that his earthly father was not at all like the Heavenly Father. That whatever his dad said to him did not define him, and that only Jesus could bring him peace, and be an anchor for his searching soul. I told him that God loves him, created him for a purpose, and was waiting for him to ask for help. Four days after I sent him that message, he died. My hope is that he did read it, and maybe it brought him peace. I don’t know if it changed his hardened heart towards God, but I pray that it did. When I first heard he had died, I was slightly comforted that I had listened to God’s nudge. Now that a few days have passed, sadness has fully replaced that small comfort. I can only hope that my friend’s heart was softened, and that he asked Jesus to redeem him.

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