Splitting Seas

I’ve been reading the book of Psalms for the past few months, going through the reading plan in my Bible. It’s been amazing to look with fresh eyes the gut-wrenching prayers and the peace-filled, thankful praises of David. In chapters 77 and 78, which are what I’ve read yesterday and today, the author fervently reminds us of God’s faithfulness. How He rescued His people out of Egypt and led them through the wilderness, despite their whining and complaining, and even when they completely turned their backs on Him. Sure, God got angry, but he forgave his people and made a way for them come to the Promised Land at last. His love, grace, kindness, patience, and forgiveness is without limit. He is always pursuing our hearts, no matter what we’ve ever done or said.

You split the seas for me
walls of foaming, angry water on each side.
You beckon me to follow you
providing me with a cloud by day
and a flickering flame at night.
You fill me with the bread of heaven
and the water of life,
Sprouting streams from stones
abundant as the depths.
Who am I that you hear my small, quiet prayer?
That you consider me and my request; 
In your ever-gracious kindness,
knowing how much it would mean.
I will follow behind your unseen footprints
with childlike faith and a grateful heart.

4 Comments on “Splitting Seas

  1. Beautiful! “He is always pursuing our hearts, no matter what we’ve ever done or said.”
    Enjoyed this post – thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

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