The silent tension of motherhood

All is quiet in the house

apart from the metronomic snores of my husband

and the heat clicking off and on.

Both girls sleeping in their beds,

snow sprinkled trees outside.

Morning footprints now slushy imprints

in the yard.

Crumbs on the table call to me

like relentless gnats.

Let me relax and enjoy this silence!

This rare stillness over the house

before I must get up and be awake,

alert, and energetic.

Present for my sparkly-eyed little girls

so full of life and energy.

Sometimes I feel like I am their battery source-

I start to sag and wilt as they wind up to a frenzy,

my love for them blessedly replenished overnight.

I know the squeals of excitement and belly giggles

will not last forever.

The little dirty socks haphazardly strewn about

will not always clutter my floors.

Those sticky, little handprints will not always

adorn every wall, chair, or hard surface.

How I savor this time and all at once

look forward to my girls growing up.

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