Is there a REWARD for this?

This time of year, grocery stores sell mini Cadbury eggs. They’re little chocolate egg shaped treats with a crunchy candy shell in pastel colors, and my husband and I find them irresistible. Our oldest daughter, Noelle, loves them too, so my husband lately has been using them as bribes to get her to stay in her seat at dinner, or to play sweetly with her sister while I finish dinner, or in other instances we require obedience. However, disciplining a two-and-a-half-year-old while simultaneously trying to raise (and keep safe) a one-year-old is hard. Like trying on a new pair of tights, my oldest’s will is stretching its legs, testing its limits, and pushing against my levels of control and patience. Big time. Plus, she has gorgeous ginger curls, which makes her a totally adorable, yet totally spicy, sassy, and stubborn two-year-old. There are some nights, I break down and cry into my husband at the utter lack of patience, control, and/or discipline I exerted that day. No amount of mini eggs can coerce my girl into obedience. I have to trust that one day, what we have tried to instill in her does stick, and that our reward is within her.

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