Five Minute Friday: Home SEARCH

My husband and I decided that we wanted to buy a second home in the mountains of North Carolina. We met while we both lived in Denver, and we were doing a bike ride fund raiser in the mountains. We got married in the mountains of Massachusetts, in the Berkshires. Now that we live in Charlotte, we both love the idea of having a retreat away from the heat in the summer and a location convenient to skiing and hiking. For months, we looked online at the real estate listings, and we actually went searching with a real estate agent couple twice to see our online favorites in person. We at last found the place. As soon as we came through the front door, it was as if all the stress from the week had melted away. The bedrooms are all downstairs and the open kitchen and living room are upstairs. It couldn’t be a more perfect layout for us and our two little girls, both under the ages of three. Now that we’ve put in our offer and it’s been accepted, we’re going through the due diligence period and waiting to hear what the seller is willing to fix after the results of the inspection. It’s strange for my husband and I to stop looking at what else is coming on the market. Our search is more than likely over, but we’ve so gotten in the habit of seeing what is out there. Once we officially close on the place, we will for sure be done…I hope?

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