Day 11/31 Five Minute Free Writes: Door

Day 11

Schools here in Charlotte were cancelled today because of the potential flooding and winds from Hurricane Michael.  Most of the day was similar to a few weeks ago when Hurricane Florence decided to plop down and kick up her feet over the whole state of North Carolina.  The video images of Mexico Beach, FL are shocking.  Hardly anything is left standing.  They essentially dealt with a sustained water-filled tornado for hours.  Here, I just had to keep the door closed in order to prevent the storm from coming inside.  My roof didn’t peel back, the ocean didn’t come in through the floor, and our house is still upright sitting perfectly on its foundation.  Others were not so fortunate.  They tried to keep their doors closed to the storm, but it blew in anyways.  How can I (we) open my (our) doors to those in need?

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