Day 9/31 Five Minute Free Writes: Inspire

Day 9

I just finished reading a fantastic marriage book by Dr. Emerson Eggerich titled Love and Respect.  The main message he was getting across is that as women, our deepest need is love.  The deepest need of a man is respect.  With our culture trying to demasculinize men, this was such a refreshing read.  A symbiotic marriage only works when each partner is giving what the other needs to feel accepted and secure.  Wives, nagging and berating may temporarily work on your husbands to get some chore completed, but that will not inspire any desire on his part.  Those eye rolls and making decisions on behalf of both of you for what’s best for your children are slowly eating away at him, and building a wall between you, brick by brick.  I want to have a marriage that inspires and sparks us, gives glory to God, and makes our children feel secure in our family.  Starting now.

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