Day 6/31 Five Minute Free Writes: Belong

Day 6

The hardest part about growing up is figuring out where you belong.  That really isn’t a question that ever crosses one’s mind as a baby, toddler, or even an elementary student.  You live with your parents.  Done.  Not much else to figure out.  But by the time you’re in middle and high school, those gnawing questions continue to get louder.  Who do you hang out with?  To what group do you belong?  For me, moving in the middle of my Sophomore year of high school, chorus was my saving grace.  I was an Alto.  Although I was painfully insecure, I knew I belonged in that room full of people who loved singing as much as me.  Each successive move, new job, and life event is like a rolling wave that forces me to find my feet, put down roots, and reclaim a new sense of belonging.

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