Day 3/31 Five Minute Free Writes: Believe

Day 3

As a mother of two babies, I can scratch the surface of understanding how God feels about me.  When I look at my precious girls, I look at their big blue eyes, long eyelashes, ginger curls, dimpled fingers, chubby thighs, knee rolls, doughy bellies, tiny toes, and not quite pinned back ears with adoration.  Each part of them is something unique to them, yet still part of me.  Everything about them is perfect, intentionally created.  Nothing about them physically would I change.  How much more love and grace does our Creator have for us, when I can’t fathom the depth of love and grace I have for my own children?  I believe God has created each of us exactly how we are supposed to be, despite how we feel about ourselves.  Feelings are fleeting, but I know we are each created for a purpose.


This song from Lauren Daigle is so beautiful, and the lyrics hit to the core:


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