Five Minute Friday: Please Don’t RUSH Me

Today, I’m back writing with the Five Minute Friday community writing group after a several month hiatus, and this week’s word is RUSH.  If you’d like to join in, the linkup is here.

I can remember my mom half-joking with me growing up that she had “people to see and things to do.” She no doubt said that to me because I was notoriously slow in getting ready.  Everyone in my family knows it, and now my dear patient husband knows to give me at least a half hour buffer so I’ll show up on time.  While I am totally aware of the fact that I dawdle and lose track of time, I am not patient at all when it comes to other people making me late.  I have zero grace for that, as hypocritical as it may be.  And yet, I have a nearly six month old and a two-year-old girl. I have a feeling God is trying to teach me something.  If I have a plan in my mind to go grocery shopping or to get to the YMCA or some other place, inevitably, my two year old will take her sweet time eating her Cheerios one. at. a. time.  If I’m already running late to get somewhere,  of course, my baby will have a huge blow-out diaper I have to change.  When I really think about it, my childhood memories are so sweet.  The long days of summer seemed to last forever.  Birthdays and Christmas and Thanksgiving took a lifetime to arrive.  I don’t want to rush my babies through each day.  I want to breathe them in.  Savor the bubbles of their precious, fragile, and fleeting childhood.


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