Health & Beauty


Over the past decade, I’ve become very interested in the health and safety of not only what goes into my body, but also what I put on it.  While living in Denver, I was an outdoor enthusiast, snowboarding in the Winter, paddle boarding in the summer, and hiking the whole year.  I learned to eat well in order to fuel my body.  I learned to grocery shop my mostly buying what was on the perimeter of the store, rather than in the aisles.  We’re old enough to make decisions that help or harm ourselves.  We choose what we eat and drink, we choose what good/bad habits to take up or break, and we choose what we expose ourselves to, both inside and outside of our homes. We are also responsible for what our children are exposed to since we provide the environment they grow up in.  I was introduced to Beautycounter, a personal care product company out of Santa Monica, CA by one of my patients at Yale.  Because of Beautycounter, I’ve not only learned about cleaner cosmetics and safer skincare, I’ve also become more aware of what my family is exposed to.  I used to be blissfully unaware of all the chemicals lurking in my bathroom and in my kitchen, but the more I learn, the more I want to share my findings.  If there’s something we can do to keep our bodies healthy, we should do it!


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