Handle with Care

This morning, I dropped off my kindergartener to her school, and then my three-year-old to her preschool class. We skipped from the car into her school building and then walked to her classroom in silence, taking in all the sights and sounds of other families walking in and making their way to their own classrooms. We arrived to her classroom door, and I handed her the folder to place in the basket, and then her lunchbox to slide into her assigned cubby. Her teacher met us by the door, and again pointed to her lunchbox cubby, and then placed it there herself, since my girl wouldn’t put it down. All of a sudden, my baby’s blue eyes, usually bright and smiley, were crinkled and full of tears. I squatted down and gave her a hug, surprised by her unexpected shift in emotion. She hugged me tight and I, still unsure as to why she was so upset, squeezed her back. I let her go, and then her teacher picked her up, now wailing and kicking, and I slid out the door and through the exit door into the sun, still dazed that my usually happy baby was so wildly upset. I drove home, reliving our whole morning together, beating myself up at how I could have been more kind, more patient, more nurturing, and less frazzled, less frustrated, and less short on patience. My little girls are such gifts to me, and I need to treat them with care, not as if they are a chore. Some days are easier, but oh Lord Jesus, please fill me up so that I pour out onto my girls your love, grace, patience, and kindness, and not my own dry and weary flakes of self.

11 Comments on “Handle with Care

  1. I love this post. I often do not understand why those close to me (adults) are struggling. It comes in harsh words, sharp retorts or clipped answers rather than tears but it shows they are hurting. It is costly to care and this blog post captures a sense of helplessness that I recognise.

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  2. (((hugs))) and prayers for you and your sweet little ones. Some days are just hard. And I think that prayer is one mommas at all stages of parenting need to pray.


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  3. Hugs…Your post triggered a memory about my son who had a sudden change of behavior at pre-school drop off. Unfortunately, we discovered he witnessed another kid being mistreated…He was almost 3, but able to communicate clearly.


  4. Some days are harder than the rest,
    and make us want to weep and wail;
    even though we do our best,
    it seems as though we fail.
    We seek to be a bright reflection
    of God’s loving grace,
    but a rebel world in insurrection
    gives us another face,
    set for striving competition
    when every day is Monday morn,
    pushing us to each decision
    that leaves us sad and torn
    when we see the will to win
    leave another might-have-been.

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  5. It’s so hard to understand what emotions these little ones go through. I’m sure you’re doing a great job as a Mum, but there are days when all of us mothers or not are frazzled and things don’t go well.

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    • Yes, exactly Corinne! They have no problems telling us what they want- concrete ideas. But, wowsa, it’s tough when they’re trying to express feelings and emotions.
      Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting.


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