FMF: Grief ON earth

This was a 5 minute free-write based on the word GRIEF, from Five Minute Friday, a writing community. If you’d like to read others’ work, click here

The memory of pain

The memory of love

Twists hearts and wrings out tears

Loved ones lost

Loved ones stolen too soon

Selfishly wanting to bring them back

To this world of hurt and anger and fear

Blinking back watering eyes and looking up to heaven, we cry

Come back!

But it isn’t our loved ones who will return.  

It is only Jesus who will.

Our hope lies in one day seeing Him

And all that caused such grief on earth will melt away

8 Comments on “FMF: Grief ON earth

  1. I have tried to post my comment on here three times. I filled out my name, my I’d and my password. It took me to WordPress where I again filled in my name and password. It brought me back to here. So I will try one last time… Great blog! Powerful message in just a few lines.
    Terri D
    #11 FMF


    • Hi Terri! I can see all your comments. I have it set up so that I approve all comments before they show up on my comment wall. I really appreciate you leaving me a message!


  2. Great thoughts on a hard topic. Y’all inspired the sonnet below; hope you like it.

    I know that they are safe with Him,
    He who won the victory
    over death, but is it sin
    to rather have them safe with me?
    So many names and faces,
    so many hearts that once touched mine,
    so many small bright graces
    from each one, spark of Divine.
    Far too quickly pass the years,
    to dim bright mem’ry with time’s dust,
    inpervious to bitter tears,
    and now I can but trust
    that death’s not end, but bright fresh start;
    we’ll meet again within God’s heart.

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