Day 29/31 Five Minute Free Writes: Together

Day 29

Stop striving so hard to do everything on your own.

I watch you struggle, saddened;

Not unmoved.

I want you to ask me for help.

I can’t let you succeed at everything

or you will falsely believe you don’t need me.

Stop getting so frustrated, My Child.

Just whisper my name, Jesus

and I’ll fill you with peace and work through your hands.

Search for me in my Word

and I’ll give you wisdom.

Reach out to me when you are empty

and I’ll fill you up to overflowing.

Press in close to me

when everyone else has abandoned you.

I created you to need me.  It is not a weakness to acknowledge your need.

You have freedom when you allow me to be your strength.

You have abundant life when you let me in.


4 Comments on “Day 29/31 Five Minute Free Writes: Together

  1. Thanks for sharing this beautiful truth. God never abandons us. He wants our love and our reliance on him. Your writing reminds me of Jesus Calling.

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    • Wow Jane, thank you so much. I love Jesus Calling. God was teaching me that I need to ask for his help as I watched my two year old struggle putting on her own shoes. She wanted to do it herself, refusing to ask me, even though she was crying in frustration. Oh, how much God our Father teaches us through our own children! Thank you so much for stopping by, Jane.


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